Fig Almond Cake \\ Sweet Laurel

by sweetlaurel

Fig Almond Cake // Sweet Laurel

For a simple yet very sweet addition to your cheese board or dessert spread, Sweet Laurel’s Fig Almond Cake is perfect!  With a slight hint of cinnamon, and natural sweetness of dried figs, the taste is heavenly.  This cake is raw, therefore no oven is required, making this the perfect summer treat.  I often travel with this cake, as it’s nutrient density makes it perfect for snacking when you need quick energy.   Enjoy!

Fig Almond Cake // Sweet Laurel

Fig Almond Cake // Sweet Laurel

Fig Almond Cake (Raw, Vegan, Grain Free and Refined Sugar Free)

2 cups dried figs, stem tip removed

1 cup raw almonds

2 teaspoons cinnamon

Line 6 inch cake pan with parchment paper. Mix figs, almonds and cinnamon in food processor or blender, scrapping sides every 30 seconds until thick paste is formed. Once mixture is paste-like, press into 6 inch cake pan and refrigerate to set. Serve cold or at room temperature.